Links to our local bonsai friends.

International Bonsai 

Bill Valavanis has been a supporter and mentor for BCCNY for many years. We often take trips to visit him and attend workshops. He is located in the Rochester area.  He is the vice president of BSUNY, the Rochester bonsai club.

pfm bonsai studio

Pauline Muth is the president of the American Bonsai Society. She has also lent us much support.  We visit her often. She is located in the Albany area.

The Way of Bonsai - Jake deSilva

Hollow Creek Bonsai

We go on a shopping trip once a year to Hollow Creek and International Bonsai in Rochester.

Mohawk Valley Bonsai Club

Bonsai club of the Utica / Rome area

Links to photo galleries

North Carolina Arboretum

Bonsai Boon

A french website - Many great photo albums. Check out bonsai and azalea first.

Tree Haven

Shohin Bonsai Europe

Worlds Within Worlds Number 1 and Number 2 by Andy Rutledge

Bonsai Case Studies - Excellent multiyear photo essays 

National Arboretum


Links to important national and international sites

World Bonsai Friendship Federation

National Bonsai Foundation

American Bonsai Society

Other links

The Helpful Gardener - Bonsai Forum

Evergreen Garden Works - The best source of articles

Gardenweb Bonsai Forum - Ask questions, get answers

The Bonsai Site

The Bonsai Primer

The Internet Bonsai Club

Randy Clark @ The Bonsai Learning Center, Charlotte, NC. 

Joe Bonsai

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